Empowering You For Academic Success


熊中(所属), 股本, Access and Retention) offers resources and services to set you up for academic success.

承担中央 offers services for all undergraduate and graduate students, including undergraduate advising, undergraduate and graduate student success services, writing and speaking services, 辅导服务, peer academic coaching and faculty academic coaching, 在其他服务中.

Stop by 承担中央 on the second floor of Rudisill 图书馆 anytime to see what is available, whether you need help for an assignment or help planning your semester. We are also available when you find yourself not meeting your own expectations in a course, 但是不要等到那个时候.

Every office and area at Lenoir-Rhyne is committed to student success. The role of 承担中央 is to shore up institutional efforts, strengthen outcomes and directly assist you in navigating your student journey from orientation through graduation and beyond.

学术顾问 & Undergraduate 学生成功服务

Academic advising is focused on the development of a plan to achieve a degree that reflects your own unique interests, 能力, 目标和价值观. This plan includes both the coursework required for your degree and learning opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom, including co-curricular activities, study abroad and internships.

Advising and Undergraduate 学生成功服务 provide general advising services to all first-year and exploratory students as well as success coaching and help with academic planning to any student in need. These services are available for drop-in appointments Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. We are located in 承担中央 on the second floor of Rudisill 图书馆.

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I would define the Lenoir-Rhyne community as a family. The amount of support across campus is incredible.


辅导 & 同侪辅导服务

承担中央 draws together a suite of academic services, learning and computer labs, co-curricular programs and enrichment opportunities that support and enhance the educational pursuits of students.

  • 辅导 & 学术指导

    Request assistance for a specific course or more general support in areas like time management and study strategies.

  • 写作 & 说服务

    写作 and 说服务 puts you in touch with caring, supportive readers/listeners for your work in progress. Whether you’re just starting to work on an assignment or ready to edit, our tutors can help you see your project from your audience’s perspective. 

    We have resources and tutors for writing and public speaking assignments in any course at LR. We can help you with any aspect of your project: developing a thesis or support; organizing; editing; creating visual aids; vocal/physical delivery; and speech anxiety. Our tutors are ready to assist with online presentations as well.

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留校察看 & 复苏

承担中央 offers workshops and individual coaching for all students who temporarily find themselves not in good academic standing. These services are available to help you recover from past academic difficulties, return to good academic standing and achieve academic success.

The 留校察看 and 复苏 is required for students during their first semester of probation and includes the following:

  • Developing an academic plan
  • Meeting regularly with an assigned faculty fellow
  • Attending a series of academic success workshops
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First-Generation 学生

First-generation students are those students whose parents/guardians did not complete a four-year college or university degree. 

Our goal is to help first-generation students tap into their strengths and meet their challenges, in the context of a supportive community of other first-generation students, 教职员工.

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教师 & 工作人员

Let us help you successfully navigate your academic journey.

Coordinator of Peer-Learning Assistance and Academic Advisor
625 7th Ave NE, LRU 7540
625 7th Ave NE, LRU 7097

全球赌博十大网站 & 事件

Student holds a sign reading 'We are community'

The Bear community came together for the seventh-annual Bears 给 Back event and raised a record-setting $847,320 to support current and future students.


As a child, 卡莉·戈弗雷 '23, MBA '24, learned to swim at LR. 年后, a spot on the swim team would bring her back to learn so much more and make way for a bright future.