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在南方路德神学院(LTSS)全球网赌十大网站教导, form and nurture women and men for leadership in public ministry in a context that is Christ-centered, 忠实地信义宗和普世信仰.



您可以选择最适合您的交付方法. 然而,你选择参加LTSS, at the center of everything we do is our commitment to building community and helping you reach your life, 精神和职业目标.

  • 哥伦比亚大学校园

    As a Columbia student you live on campus or drive to campus. You benefit from the special in-person experience of learning and worshiping as part of a gathered community on our beautiful, 历史悠久的学校. You also benefit from having immediate access to faculty, peers and library resources. 

    LTSS提供优质服务, affordable apartments for residential students and families and comfortable overnight accommodations for long-distance commuters. 有关住宅的更多信息, 联系凯莉·麦德利, 住宿生活主任, at 凯莉.medley@girlinterrupted.net or 828.328.7249. 

  • 在线或混合

    学生 who attend online or hybrid participate online by livestreaming into classes or completing asynchronous work. You benefit from the flexibility of online learning while still having quick access to faculty, 员工和某些图书馆资源. 所有的住宅, online and hybrid students are required to attend the First Week Gathering on campus at the beginning of every semester, attending classes and special formation events with their student peers. 

    The online or hybrid option accommodates students facing irresolvable obstacles to in-person learning. 如果你是跟随呼召成为专业的事工, be sure to consult the appropriate representatives of your denomination before committing to attending as an online or hybrid student. 



全球网赌十大网站是。 在基督里和好 institution with a public commitment to welcoming everyone and offering hospitality to all who enter our academic programs.

As an ecumenical seminary, we embrace students from all denominations. We believe our diversity enriches every student’s experience, expanding your horizons while strengthening your denominational identity.

  • 路德教会

    LTSS is one of seven seminaries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the only ELCA seminary in the southeastern United States. The seminary’s majority Lutheran faculty provide world-class instruction in Lutheran theology, 历史与政治. Lutheran students and alumni benefit from the seminary’s regional, national and global networks within the ELCA and Lutheran World Federation. 

    LTSS是自豪的房子 第九区档案, a ministry of the ELCA dedicated to preserving Lutheran history in the Southeast. 

  • 卫理公会教堂

    Located just a mile away from the South Carolina Conference offices of the United Methodist Church, LTSS is proud to be the only seminary in South Carolina approved for training United Methodist clergy. 

    Our Methodist faculty provide world-class instruction in Methodist theology, 历史与政治. Our Methodist students benefit from a supportive community of peers and a curriculum that accommodates their special requirements. 

    Our Methodist alumni serve in various ministries across the state and continue to support the seminary in various ways.

  • 浸信会教徒

    LTSS boasts a diverse mix of Baptist students and alumni from across the Southeast. Many of our Baptist students are already established professional ministers, while others are just beginning to follow their call to ministry. 

    Our Baptist students benefit from world-class instruction in Baptist history, theology and polity. We hold a special relationship with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, which provides scholarship funding for qualified students. 

    Our students and faculty enjoy volunteering their time and talents at Koinonia of Columbia, a Baptist-sponsored non-profit ministry next to the seminary campus.   


I am grateful for the preparation for ministry and the knowledge we need to serve. The challenges of the courses gave us additional insight and improved our understanding of what it means to serve.


研究生课程 & 浓度


Our degree programs are designed to prepare you for a variety of ministry settings, 比如教会领导, 青年及家庭事工, 音乐部门, 信仰的形成, 教学部门, chaplaincy and directors of faith-based non-profit organizations ministry.

作为一名LTSS学生, you may use nine general elective hours to complete a formal concentration or cognate. We offer concentrations in Biblical Studies, Theology and Faith Formation. 

在大学研究生院的帮助下, 全球网赌十大网站提供领导力课程, 咨询与可持续发展. 一旦你完成了你的集中或同源, we will make sure your achievement is designated on your official transcript. 欲了解更多信息,请联系布伦特Driggers博士.D.LTSS负责学术项目的副院长 布兰特.driggers@girlinterrupted.net


教师 & 工作人员

Meet our expert faculty and staff who will support you during your time at LTSS.



Bring change to the world through the power of the Gospel.

LTSS professor and student share a laugh during a conversation

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Lai Hnin, MACM '25, moved from Myanmar to South Carolina to attend seminary. While he hopes to return to his home country to serve God and his people, 与此同时,他在LTSS安家.


神学院是一个大变革的时代. 在LTSS社区,M . 蕾切尔Theisen.Div. '24, found the same support and belonging she plans to share as a pastor.